Where is a good place to eat near Divas?

San Francisco is full of great locations to eat and when visiting Divas, you will find something to satisfy any appetite. Here are a few recommended places to grab a quick bite before your Divas adventure:

  • Fly Bar (Try the nachos!)
  • Olive (Classy bar, bring a friend!)
  • Blur (Get here early and order a pizza at the bar)
  • Subway (Fast and cheap, if you are into that kind of thing)
  • Grubstake (Come after Divas to be entertained by the crowd trying to sober up after a night of drinking on Polk, stay for the pancakes!)
  • Napoli Pizza (It may look rough, that's because it is. Don't stare at strangers here, get your pizza and mind your own damn business. Pro-tip, bring a few slices to Divas and be prepared to share

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